National Service Program 

The Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) National Service Program exists to assist veterans, ALL veterans, their dependents, widows and orphans by working with Veterans Affairs (VA) in filing claims for the many benefits that are available.Membership in the Purple Heart organization is not required to seek assistance. The Service Program provides veterans’ benefits experts at various VA regional offices, hospitals, vet centers and state and county veterans facilities and does not accept payment for representation.

What Does the Service Program Do?

  • Provides available assistance to all veterans, their dependents, widows and orphans.

  • Processes veteran claims for compensation, pension, medical care, education, job training, employment, veterans’ preference, housing, death and burial benefits.

  • Serves on President’s Committee for employment of people with disabilities.

  • Assists in identifying and helping homeless veterans.

The National Service Program operates a network of service offices spanning the US plus Guam and Puerto Rico. Thousands of veterans and dependents received well deserved benefits from the VA due to the expert assistance from MOPH’s service staff of trained and accredited National Service Officers (NSO), managers and assistants. In addition to its paid staff, the Order has a dedicated corps of volunteers who provide assistance to veterans.

In FY 2015, Military Order of the Purple Heart NSOs obtained over $300 million in VA benefits for their clients, submitted over 19,000 claims to the VA, processed 245 appeals, appeared at 133 hearings and made over 2,600 outreach visits to vet centers, hospitals and MOPH chapters.These numbers do not reflect the contacts and visits made by MOPH volunteers.

National Service Officers Are Highly Trained
To ensure that the NSOs provide the highest quality of assistance to veterans, they are required to attend local VA training, successfully complete an on-the-job training program and attend a one week intensive annual training course to maintain VA accreditation.

Case Management
MOPH is proud of its Veterans Case Management System (VCMS).This web based client data base, with its automated forms and reports, facilitates rapid client response and excellent case oversight by the NSOs.

Veterans Appeals
Another important function of the Service Program is the National Appeals Office (Board of Veterans Appeals and Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims), located in Washington, DC, where high quality, professional representation is provided to veterans whose claims for benefits have been denied at the local Veterans Affairs Regional Offices.The Service Program, with assistance from the National Veterans Legal Services Program, present claims before both courts with legal representation for the veteran all without cost to the veteran.Court decisions can affect ratings decisions for thousands of veterans.

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Frank Van Hoy
National Service Director