Chapter ROTC Program Coordinator Guidelines

Presenter Dress Code and Conduct:

  1. Presenter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, ROTC/JROTC Leadership Award will wear White Shirt & Purple Heart Tie, Dark Blue Blazer with Purple Heart Medal on Lapel or Ribbon Bar and Name Tag (if possible) and Gray Trousers and Black Shoes. (At a minimum the White Shirt, Tie, and Blazer can be substituted with a Purple Heart Polo Shirt)
  2. Garrison Cap from Purple Heart or NO HAT (no baseball or Unit Caps).
  3. Arrive on Time, before the school ceremony starts (if not earlier than that).
  4. Maintain Proper Military Bearing and Attitude Before, During and After the Ceremony (from your car to back to your car).
  5. You are not only representing yourself, but the National, Regional, Department and Chapter Programs and ALL PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE Recipients’ of “This Most Cherished of All Awards”.

Presentation Points for MOPH ROTC/JROTC Award:

  1. Award is for Outstanding Leadership among their cadet peers
  2. Awarded to Underclassman (Junior or below)
  3. The only ROTC/JROTC program award with a foundation and history from an Active Military Medal
  4. Oldest active decoration in US Military:
  • Created by George Washington, 1782 as Badge of Merit,
  • For “singularly meritorious action, unusual gallantry and extraordinary fidelity”
  • 1st American decoration available to common soldier, 3 known Recipients
  • Revived in 1932 as Purple Heart – to be awarded to “members of the armed forces of the U.S who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name